Job Interview in Spanish

Preparation for a Job Interview in Spanish is one of the most popular sessions amongst our clients. We have for you 6 answers you were mostly interested in. Please come in.

The best book on the market regarding this topic has 353 pages. We have one key tip for you. You will need
a description of the job position and an empty piece of paper. Go slowly through the job requirements and ask yourself:

„When did I use this ability most recently?“
„If I do not have this experience, what transferable experience do I have which is closest to the experience
in question?“
„How can I gain the missing knowledge?“

Write down the answers and create from them your new CV for the current position. Start to tell short stories about them. This way you will be better than 64 % of other candidates.
Be ready for a complete change of environment. A Job Interview not only means active spoken Spanish, but also the capability to flexibly react to unexpected questions.

If you have perfect Spanish, put „the most common questions during a Job Interview“ into Google and pick the article with the newest date. Answer all the questions aloud and without preparation. Give feedback to yourself.

If you have great ability to react quickly, read your resume 3 times. Now, begin to speak about yourself in Spanish. Process line by line. If you stop because of vocabulary, find your word and continue.

When training on the regular basis, you will improve. If you want to step up in both areas, let us know.
Do you know what you want? Are you sure? A job that pays your mortgage, has a nice supervisor and which guarantees your ability to provide the best for your children? Lets try it once again. Take a pen with a notebook and create 5 columns:

1: Places where I lived (e.g. small village)
2: Things that you did not like in each place (e.g. everybody knows everybody)
3: Information from Column 2 change into positives (e.g. anonymity)
4: Rank items from Column 3 starting the most important one (e.g. Spanish speaking, challenges, anonymity)
5: Take the first 3 things from Column 4 and think where you can find them (e.g. London)

Discuss the result with your partner. The only limitations you have are the ones you impose on yourself
Welcome to the club. More than 96 % of people need to increase their confidence. However, only 16 % of them decide to take action. Does it sound crazy? Yes, it does. What does it mean for you? There are many opportunities for you to take advantage against other candidates. Make the first step.
Of course it is. Neurons in the brain still work in the same way. With more years we only need to count on bigger time reserve for the learning process. Our older highly motivated clients reach better results than their younger colleagues with less motivation. Spanish is not the issue. You are.
Take your Curriculum Vitae in Spanish and start to talk about yourself aloud . Start with your most recent job experience. What did you achieve there? If you do not know the Spanish word, describe it. Now, look at the job description and read the first point. Say aloud why you are the best person to do it. Go on point by point. Tell
a story. Improvize. To be more ready for unexpected situations next time, come to us.

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Do you know that only 21 % manage to do the first step?
Take a deep breath and go on.