Presentation in Spanish

We prepared for you 5 answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding experience with presentation in Spanish. Feel like at home.

Start slowly. Focus on your progress, it does not matter how big it is. To go through barriers when presenting in Spanish, it helps a lot of people to begin online. Do you have a friend you can call and present any topic to her for 2 – 3 minutes? First, only a phone call. Second, add a webcam. Third, meet her personally at your place.
Then at a café. Now, it is time to add people you know and increase your audience.

Practising presentations creates a habit of it. Habit is the brain‘s reaction done automatically. This is your goal.
Forget the presentation skills in Spanish. 92 % of your announcement is created by nonverbal communication, tone of voice and the words used. What does it mean for you? A professional presentation gains not only the attention of your listeners but also positive feedback for you.
Try following 3 tips:

1) Stand firmly. Open posture, one foot next to the other one, arms bent, elbows in, palms towards your public.
2) Make your voice deeper and speak louder. It increases your self-confidence.
3) Talk positively. Every point must be said using only positive words.

Practise several times in front of the mirror. Still not excellent? Lets look at it together!
Anxiety of presenting in front of public is the second most frequent fear in our life. To manage a perfect presentation in Spanish we need training. Here is an effective tip: Before your presentation experience imagine how important this situation will be for you in 10 years. Will you barely remember it? So go on!
You need professional coaching here. To train by yourself or with only a native speaker, who has little (if any) experience of delivering presentations, will bring you only bad habits that will be difficult to remove in the future. Glance over our References and then decide.
Cut all the unnecessary information. An excellent presentation is not the one with the most words, but rather the one that everybody will remember. Envision that your listeners are a group of 6 year old kids who you are trying to distract from their tablets and smartphones for a moment. Do not present, tell a story. To make a better impression next time, contact us.

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Do you know that only 21 % manage to do the first step?
Take a deep breath and go on.