Language NeuroCoaching allows you to improve your language quickly and easily.
Fair enough, it will not be easy.

You will talk 90 % of the time and think 100 % of the time. After the session you will feel the same way as after
a hard workout. Exhausted and happy.

Language „couching“ is to lay down on a couch with a big book of grammar.
The first meeting makes you excited or you have it for free.
Try a session and then decide if you pay for it.
Yes, a very good question. It depends on what you look for. There are two groups of native lecturers:

1) A speaker: he came to Prague to study or to gain work experience and he wants to earn some extra money. He will SPEAK to you. Save your money and do online dating or

2) A teacher: it is better, he has a certificate and experience. He will TEACH you what the difference between Simple Past and Present Perfect is. A lot of native teachers of English online belong to our happy clients.

Our goal is to make sure that you manage an international negotiation with your customer, gain your dream job and feel satisfied after your great presentation.
You can improve visiting the classes. Or you just join and enjoy the feeling of working on your language. However, after a few months, you realize that nothing has changed. You tell yourself that you probably do not have the talent for languages and you let it go.

TALENT FOR LANGUAGES IS A MYTH. You can excel at a job interview, successfully negotiate a contract with an international partner and confidently present your results in front of the Board of Directors.

This is our job.
You will improve quicker. A lot of our clients invested 100 – 1.000 hours into lessons for free or
with cheap teachers and without any results.

We have only a limited amount of time in our life and it is necessary to use it effectively.
Think carefully how you use it.
A private personal / online session
- Incl. individual meeting on the place agreed
- Incl. preparation for reaching your goal
- Incl. creating a written summary of our session
- Incl. official invoice for your employer
- 1.200 / hour

Coaching / training / mentoring employees for companies on NeuroManagement
- Incl. group and individual approach to every participant
- Incl. meeting in the company headquarters
- Incl. creating written summary of our session
- 1.500 / hour
Sure. Many of our clients have lessons paid by their employer. Let us know before we start to work together.
You are in the right place now. Write to us at
Our company management will contact you personally and answer your question

Reserve a trial session for free NOW!

Do you know that only 21 % manage to do the first step?
Take a deep breath and go on.