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Close your eyes and imagine it once again. It is time to show your English skills a the real situation. Your boss is watching you. He is interested if the English learning called NeuroLanguage Coaching had a special effect on you. On the other hand, you feel perfectly calm. Now you realize that being level B2 or C1 is not the issue, only the final impression counts. You know that an unexpected question can only make you happy, because you have learned how to improvize. You realize that you actually enjoy this small tension in the air and it makes you smile. You take a deep breath and you start.


My name is Martin. In the last 14 years we may have seen each other in 49 countries like Australia, USA, Germany, Mexico, Columbia, Philippines and Ghana. You recognize other places according to the pictures around you here.


After my studies at Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Madrid and graduating at University of Economics in Prague, I gained the TOEFL Certificate (English) and DELE Certificado (Spanish). I have spent 13 years in international companies, mostly as a Sales Director. I have coached employees, negotiated contracts, hired new candidates and presented to wide audiences in English, German and Spanish. However, I wanted more.


After 7 years of intensive work I reached the MBA title from University of New York in Prague and Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch in Switzerland. Moreover, during these studies I discovered something even more interesting = Neuroscience.


Why is all this relevant to you? Lets mix my practical experience in English, German and Spanish with the soft skills I gained as a Sales Director and the knowledge of Neuroscience. The result is what we call LANGUAGE & SOFT SKILLS NEUROCOACHING.


If you answer positively to all of the 3 questions on the Your Goal page, we are exactly what you are looking for. Do you want to be sure of it? Lets walk in our universe.


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Do you know that only 21 % manage to do the first step?
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