Business German

You had a lot of questions. We provided you with a lot of answers. The 8 most popular topics regarding talking in Business German is outlined below.

Answer yourself. What do I want to reach? To have intensive German lessons or make a continuous progress toward my goal? These are two different things. After every individual German oral conversation with the lecturer ask yourself how did you increase your vocabulary and pronunciation.
If you do not find anything, ask your tutor. If he can not answer you after a few private lessons, look once again around you.

Keep in mind that there are not talented people and the others. There are trained and untrained.
In which group do you want to be?
Most of our busy clients prefer teaching German via Skype. The main reason is the relaxed atmosphere and flexibility of location. You wear your home clothes and find a comfortable place in your favourite armchair. Suddenly, you feel that you have lost your nervousness. You start to believe in yourself. Gaining self confidence is the first step to quickly improve verbal communication skills in German.

A personal meeting is suitable if you want to become better in German within a group. Thanks to the face2face contact we keep attention on our clients during the whole session.
You do Business German courses in Prague for several years and practise grammar every day. However, during a real business negotiation in German you can not remember what you have studied? The human brain handles 400 billions points of data every second, though only 44 points consciously. In other words, you can influence only 44 points by your will. The rest works without you noticing it.

Until now, you tried to insert your desired knowledge into the 44 points. Will not be easier to use the 400 billions points of capacity?

Use emotions. The centre of emotions in your brain is closely connected to your long-term memory. Using useful phrases in Business German must be like a game. You have to feel nervousness before the start, desire during the session, fear before the final part and relief at the end. Did your last German lesson look like this?
We are not teachers, but coaches. We do not tell you the correct answer, but we lead you to find it by yourself.
However, we are the best in patience and improvement of speaking. Do you think that you cannot increase your spoken skills in German? Do you want to bet on it?
Do you need to communicate with people during your work and study in Switzerland or pass the German exam? Do you prefer to prepare for the German certificate or just travel through the Austrian nature?

All answers are fine. The crucial thing is to set your goal accordingly. Training in Basic German with the aim to enjoy your stay abroad or making sure that you manage your study in the Berlin focused on excellent grammar are two diverse objectives .

Make sure that every session leads to your target. Your improvement may be slow, but must be there.
Keep in mind that you will be in Wien in two months, not your mentor.
Start now. Take advantage of every opportunity during your day. Make some jokes with your colleague at work, ask for the menu in German when in a restaurant, get a coffee with your friend from abroad. Watch German movies in the evening. First, with Czech subtitles, second, with German subtitles and finally without them. Before you go to sleep choose some book that you would enjoy even in the Czech language. If there are too many new words, look for simplified books such as those from the Penguin Readers series. Do every activity for 30 mins and watch your progress. Do you want more? Let us know.
You not only need to know the vocabulary, but above all be able to put it into practice. There is no time for experiments. You have to be ready in 3 months. Write to us.
Write down the 3 most important things that you achieved and which were also beneficial for the company since your last meeting. Prepare for any questions that your boss may ask. Your reaction must always be positive. Write down what you want to reach:

1) Salary increase by 5.000 CZK
2) One extra week of holidays
3) Clear perspective of your boss about what you need to reach to satisfy your wishes

During the negotiation go through each point step by step. Let your supervisor tell you what he wants and keep your attitude positive. When he asks if you want to add something, present your 3 achievements. Ask him for your first wish. If denied, ask him for the second one. Denied as well? Ask for the third one. Emphasize how much you enjoy working in his company, however, you must feel motivated. Thank him for his time and say goodbye.
To be better prepared for unexpected situations next time, keep yourself in training. We will assist you.

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Do you know that only 21 % manage to do the first step?
Take a deep breath and go on.